To guarantee that your instrument complies with the factory specifications, we recommend that the product be submitted to our factory service center at one-year intervals for recalibration, or as required by other standards.

Costs for repairs, normal recalibration, and calibration traceable to N.I.S.T. are available. All customers must call for an authorization number (CSA#) before returning any instrument.

For instrument repairs, and/or calibrations, please call our factory, toll-free, at (800) 945-AEMC (2362).

Chauvin Arnoux®, Inc.
d.b.a. AEMC® Instruments
15 Faraday Drive
Dover, NH 03820
(800) 945-2362 · (603) 749-6434 · (603) 742-2346

Or contact your authorized AEMC® Instruments distributor.