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8220 with MiniFlex MA193 Single-Phase Power Quality Analyzers

(Special Order - Consult Factory)

The Model 8220 is a single-phase AC + DC power meter with an electroluminescent backlit digital display and is rated to 600V CAT III.

It is a measurement tool for electrical parameters and distribution network disturbances, enabling the user to obtain instant measurements of the main characteristics of a single-phase network (voltage, current, power, voltage and current harmonics, etc.) and to monitor machinery in operation (temperature, inrush current and duration of operation, distance of windings and rotational speed).

The Model 8220ís accuracy is better than 1% (excluding current sensors). It has a great flexibility due to AEMCís range of current sensors, measuring from a few hundred milliamps to several thousand amps.

The Model 8220 is designed for technicians, control and maintenance engineers, as well as electrical contractors and educators.

The Power Quality Meter Model 8220 with MA193 is supplied with a 1000A MiniFlex probe.