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JM861 Oscilloscopes & BNC Terminated Probes
The Model JM861 is designed for oscilloscopes, waveform displaying instruments and other instruments able to benefit from its frequency response. The Model JM861 encompasses a special circuit and three ranges to maximize frequency response performance. Accurately measures AC current waveforms and has proportional mV output for direct readings on oscilloscopes. Three-position slide switch on the handle selects ranges. Large jaw window enables use on cables and bus bars.

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  • Nominal range: 30A, 300A, 3000A
  • Output: 10mA/AAC, 1mV/AAC, 0.1mA/AAC
  • Oscilloscope current probe for applications in industrial and power environments
  • Analyze, measure and accurately display distorted current waveforms and harmonics
  • Current range from 1 to 2400Arms
  • Large jaw window for use on cables and bus bars
  • Direct BNC connection to scope
  • Electrical utility
  • HVAC
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Laboratory
  • Plant maintenance
  • Power quality