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SL206 SL200 Series DC/AC Current Probes
AC/DC Current Probe Model SL206 measures low DC or AC from 10mA to 80A. This battery-powered clamp-on probe may be used with digital multimeters, voltmeters, or other voltage-measuring instruments. The probe jaws clamp around the conductor under test, allowing current measurements without breaking the circuit. Hall sensor technology senses the magnetic field produced by the current measured, and generates a millivolt DC or AC output signal. The narrow jaw is designed for optimum use in crowded wiring in industrial and automotive environments.

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  • Low DC and AC measurements
  • 10mA to 80A
  • Unique design for probing in crowded wiring in industrial and automotive environments
  • Hall Effect sensor technology
  • Use with DMMs, voltmeters, and other voltage measuring instruments
  • Circuit board testing
  • Motor controllers
  • Automotive circuitry