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1035 Kit 500V Megohmmeters
The Megohmmeter Model 1035 Kit includes a Model 1035 megohmmeter, field case, two color-coded leads, black test probe, remote test probe, batteries and user manual. The Remote Test Probe (with target light) is used for all measurements. The yellow button on the probe button is used the same way as the button on the instruments. The test voltage is generated when the button is pushed.

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  • True Megohmmeter®
  • Test voltage combinations of 50V, 100V, 250V and 500V
  • Insulation measurements to 20,000MΩ (20GΩ)
  • Automatic test inhibition if live sample >25V
  • Automatic discharge for operator safety
  • Alarm indication
  • Multi-line 4000-count digital display with analog bargraph
  • Over-molded slip-proof holster for rugged field use
  • Motor insulation resistance measurements
  • Continuity checks
  • Low resistance measurement
  • Test industrial commercial wiring & motor control centers
  • Test motors (AC & DC)
  • Test transformers
  • Dielectric Absorption Ratio and Polarization Index measurements