Complete line of accessories including leads, carrying cases, and the industry's largest selection of current probes. Most accessories and replacement parts are available for purchase directly online. Check our Storefront for availability.
Cable Testers
AEMC 's line of hand-held cable testers provides direct and simple push button operation. The testers indicate faults, cable length, common wiring faults and more. All models feature a large, blue electroluminescent backlit display.
Calibration / Reference Instruments
AEMC® supplies a line of resistance and capacitance decade boxes. We also offer rotational measurement instruments. Our line of non-contacting and contacting tachometers offers both analog and digital readout with bargraph up to 100,000 RPM. These units are battery operated, hand-held instruments.
Clamp-On Meters
Rugged and professional, our complete line of clamp-on meters offer full functions including: AAC, ADC, VAC, Ohms, Continuity, Frequency, Diode Test, TRMS, %THD, %DF, CF and Peak. Varying in size, our clamp-on meters provide a solution to all power quality measurement needs.
Current Measurement Probes
Comprehensive line of clamp-on current probes covers the entire spectrum of applications, from electrical panels to substations. AEMC® Current Probes measure current without interrupting the circuit under test and extend the measuring capabilities of DMMs, recorders, power meters, and loggers. The numerous jaw sizes are designed to accommodate a wide variety of conductor diameters and ranges. Available for AC or DC measurements.
Data Loggers
Extensive line of single-channel data loggers for recording voltage, current and temperature, plus multi-channel voltage and current recording devices. All models include software for data storage, analysis and printing.
DC Power Supplies/Generators
The AX500 Series is a comprehensive line of digital DC linear power supplies designed to meet the rigors of manufacturing, laboratory and education applications. Designed around highly efficient torodial transformers, they dissipate little heat, low electromagnetic emission and are designed for continuous duty cycle at full rated output. Two models are available offering single, dual and triple output capabilities.
Digital Multimeters
Complete line of hand-held digital multimeters. Tough, reliable, economical professional DMMs in choice of 2000, 4000, 40,000, and 50,000-count models. Rugged, accurate and reliable.
Electrical Test Tools
Complete offering of electrical test tools. Products include outlet testers, AC line splitters, voltage testers, circuit tracers and more.
Environmental Testers
AEMC® manufactures a line of cost effective, hand-held instruments for measuring temperature, humidity, light, wind speed and other variables. Each instrument in this series includes sensor, backlit CD and a shockproof holster. They are battery operated and can easily be carried in a shirt pocket.
Ground Resistance Testers
Whether you are doing a simplified 2-Point, a more complete 3- or 4-Point Fall-of-Potential test, a soil resistivity test or a touch potential test, AEMC® has the right instrument for you. Our revolutionary clamp-on ground resistance tester will save you both time and money. Whichever AEMC® ground tester you choose, you can count on it to be the highest quality, the most complete package and the simplest to learn to use.
Leakage Current Meters and Probes
AEMC® offers a complete line of instruments for measuring leakage current, including hand-held TRMS clamp-on meter, a high sensitivity probe designed specifically for detecting low current faults on high loads and an artificial neutral for providing intermittent path to ground on ungrounded networks for leakage current measurements.
Megohmmeters/Insulation Resistance Testers
Full line of megohmmeters with test voltages 50V to 5000V. Capability to measure insulation resistance up to 10TΩ. These rugged, weather resistant meters are accurate, reliable and built to perform. Battery, AC Powered & Hand-cranked models available.
The Micro-ohmmeter performs reliable low resistance measurements with test currents to 10A and resolution to 1µΩ. Uses a four-wire Kelvin bridge method, which eliminates test lead resistance for a measurement accuracy of 0.25%.
Motor / Transformer Testers
The importance of confirming the number of turns, the turns ratio and other information such as resistance and current draw in motors and transformers before putting them into service is critical. AEMC's line of motor testers and ratiometers are state of the art and easy to use. These microprocessor-based instruments provide the results quickly with virtually no setup required.
AEMC® Instruments proudly introduces the first hand-held portable two- and four-isolated-channel 600V Cat. III Oscilloscopes on the market with 12-bit resolution. Featuring five complimentary tools in one - an Oscilloscope, FFT Analyzer, TRMS Multimeter, Harmonic Analyzer and a Recorder - all in a rugged and ergonomic hand-held instrument. They are the perfect tools for both laboratory and field testing.
Power Analyzers - Meters - Loggers
Full line of power and power quality analyzers, loggers and meters including for extending measurement ranges. The wide range of applications include electrical monitoring, harmonic detection & analysis, utility testing, energy management, power factor analysis and correction, power demand and consumption, kW measurement, industrial power systems, and commercial maintenance.