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General Purpose Probes
AC Probes
Our line of AC probes is designed to provide long term service and measurement results. The wide variety of models to choose from facilitates measurement from a few mA to several thousand Amps. They are designed to provide accurate true RMS measurements with low phase shift error in power applications. They are designed to work in tight places and to clamp around large bus bars. Several output ranges and terminations are available to interface with any instrument.
AC/DC Probes
AEMC's line of Hall effect probes measures both AC and DC amps with high accuracy and reliability. A wide variety of sizes, ranges and output sensitivities are available. Our line of mini probes employing flux gate technology gets into tight places and measures down to microamps. They are ideal for process applications as well as lab use. Our large jumbo probes easily get around bus bars and measure up to several thousand amps.