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Data Loggers
Simple Logger II Series (1- and 2-Channel)
The single and dual channel Simple Logger® II series of loggers are low cost, battery operated data loggers that require minimal user setup. They have the ability to automatically adjust both their scale and sample rate to optimize the recording session. Complete line of loggers offering full recording function: thermocouple, event logging, thermistor, 4 to 20mA, DC voltage, AC voltage, AC current and AC voltage. The included Dataview? Software allows for plotting, analyzing recorded data and printing graphs and data listings.
Simple Logger II Series (4-Channel)
The four channel Simple Logger? II models are battery powered instruments with AC/DC voltage, current probe and current sensor inputs. Voltage inputs are directly measured up to 600VAC/DC and current inputs up to 3000AAC using captive AmpFlex® current sensors. Harmonic measurements are available in real-time from within the Simple Logger? II control panel software in the Dataview® Software package. Bluetooth communication (model dependent) provides data transfer from the instrument to the PC for downloading of the memory and monitoring of real time data. The included Dataview® Software is used for Report generation and data analysis in an easy-to-read report.
Clamp-On AC Loggers
The Clamp-On Simple Logger is a self-contained data logging AC current probe. The logger requires no user setup and has the ability to automatically adjust its scale and sample rate to optimize themselves to the recording. One button operation makes the clamp-on logger extremely easy and quick to use. True RMS measurements with 0 to 600Arms input.
Data Loggers
The 8-Channel Data Loggers are versatile, powerful and cost effective data loggers handling analog, digital and other types of variables with high resolution and speed. They offer high performance and are easy to configure and operate.
The Sentinel® Series
The Sentinel® Data Loggers have been discontinued.
They have been replaced with newer models with more capability and storage capacity.