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Technical Documentation - Ground Testers

Our online technical documents may be copied as needed.
Chauvin Arnoux® Inc. d.b.a. AEMC® Instruments - Dover, NH 03820 USA
Ground Resistance Tester Comparison Chart (English)
Tabla de Selección de Medidores de Tierra (Spanish)
Application Notes:
Tower Testing Measurement with Models 6472 & 6474
Why Measure Soil Resistivity?
Fall-of-Potential Testing vs. Clamp-On Testing
Clamp-On Ground Resistance Testing - Models 3711 & 3731 -
Step-by-Step Instructions
Touch and Step Potential
Medidores de Pinza de Resistencia de Tierra Modelos 3711 y 3731 Uso Paso a paso
  Understanding Ground Resistance Testing Workbook
Entendiendo Pruebas de Resistencia de Tierra
  Stored Measurement Results Form
  Fall-of-Potential Report - PDF
  Fall-of-Potential Report - Excel
  Soil-Resistivity Report - Excel
  Soil Resistivity Made Easy - PDF
Ground Testing Nomograph - PDF
Ground Testing Nomograph Example
  Model 6470-B/6471/6472 Error Listings
  Grounding Electrode Resistance Calculator  (.exe file)
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