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May 25, 2016

AEMC® Introduces NEW Handheld Megohmmeters Models 6522, 6524, 6526, 6532, 6534 & 6536

AEMC offers a NEW  line of easy to use handheld megohmmeters capable of measuring insulation resistance up to 200GΩ. The selectable test voltages range from 10 to 1000V depending on the model. These compact, lightweight meters are ideal for testing cables, small motors, pumps, transformers and industrial equipment.  The Model 6536 is ideal for special applications in the aerospace and defense sectors where very specific test voltages are required.


  • Selectable test voltages from 10 to 1000V (model dependent)
  • Insulation resistance measurement up to 200GΩ (model dependent)
  • Automatic discharge at the completion of the test
  • Manual, Lock & Timer test modes
  • PI/DAR Ratio calculations (model dependent)
  • Active voltmeter detects live voltage prior to starting a test
  • Automatic test inhibition if live voltage above 25 volts detected
  • Programmable alarms with Pass/Fail indication (model dependent)
  • 200mA/20mA continuity measurement with fuseless active protection
  • Measures V (AC & DC), Hz, Ω, kΩ, capacitance and cable length (model dependent)
  • ∆Rel mode for comparative measurements displayed as a value or %
  • Test lead compensation eliminates lead resistance from continuity measurements
  • Data storage of test results (model dependent)
  • Computer report generation of test results (model dependent)


  • Insulation measurement on communication cables, Ethernet cables and other low voltage AC and DC wiring
  • Insulation measurement on electronic components and circuits
  • Special applications in the aerospace and defense sectors where specified test voltages are required
  • Cables, small motors, pumps, transformers and industrial equipment

Cat. #2155.51 - Model 6522

Cat. #2155.52 - Model 6524

Cat. #2155.53 - Model 6526

Cat. #2155.54 - Model 6532

Cat. #2155.55 - Model 6534

Cat. #2155.56 - Model 6536


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