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Technical Bulletin

Watts Current Issue 20

AEMC Tech Bulletin Issue 20 - Megohmmeter Insulation Testing after Water Damage 6424

Issue 20 Topics:

  • Featured Products: Megohmmeter Insulation Testing after Water Damage
  • Recording Alarms on the Model 8336
  • Using a Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR)
  • Viewing Unbalance Data in the DataView® PEL Control Panel
  • New AEMC Products: Hand-Held Oscilloscopes OX 9000 Series



Watts Current Issue 19

AEMC Tech Bulletin Issue 19 - Phase Rotation Meter Model 6610

Issue 19 Topics:

  • Featured Products: AEMC Model 6610 Phase Rotation Meter
  • Recording Alarms on the Model 8336
  • New DataView Installation
  • Introducing the Simple Logger (SL) Series
  • New AEMC Products: Current Probe Model MA114, AC Current Probe Model LM102, and LM103



Watts Current Issue 18

AEMC Tech Bulletin Issue 18 - Clamp-On Ground Tester

Issue 18 Topics:

  • Featured Products: True InRush® and AEMC Power Clamp-On Meters
  • Customer Support Tip: Transient Capture on the AEMC PowerPad III Model 8336
  • Battery Basics, Part 3: Rechargeable Battery Considerations
  • New AEMC Product: Clamp-On Ground Tester Model 6418



Watts Current Issue 17

AEMC Tech Bulletin Issue 17 - Portable Oscilloscope Model OX5042

Issue 17 Topics:

  • Featured Products: PowerPad III® vs PEL® Feature Comparison
  • Understanding Ground Resistance Testing Seminar
  • Battery Basics, Part 2: Determining Battery Capacity
  • Measuring Humidity (and Why it’s Important)
  • New AEMC Product: Portable Oscilloscope OX 5042 Series




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