Press Release Models LM102 & LM103

July 26, 2019

AC Current Measurement Probes - Model LM102 & LM103

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AC Current Measurement
Probes - LM102 & LM103


AEMC® Introduces a NEW AC Current Measurement Probes Models LM102 & LM103

AEMC’s compact AC Current Probes Model LM102 (current) and LM103 (voltage) are equipped with high performance magnetic material offering excellent linearity and improved performance. They are ideal current measurement tools for use with Multimeters, Data Loggers and Power Analyzers. They are designed to meet the most stringent demands in the electrical contracting industry. They also meet the latest IEC safety and performance standards. The probes allow meters to measure AC currents in low-power secondary or industrial applications. Their increased 0.63” (16mm) clamping diameter easily accommodates most conductors allowing AC current to be measured, recorded and/or displayed on recording or measurement instruments.


  • Clamping diameter 0.63” (16mm)
  • Measurement range from 0.1 to 200 Amps (LM103)
  • Measurement range from 50mA to 200 Amps (LM102)
  • Overrange up to 350 Amps continuous
  • 1mA/A output (Model LM102)
  • 1mV/A output (Model LM103)
  • Clothespin design allows access to tight places
  • Frequency response from 48 to 10kHz
  • Arrow marker clearly assists in proper orientation for power measurement applications


  • Measuring in breaker panels
  • Industrial loads
  • HVAC
  • Residential and commercial sites
  • Data logging/recording
  • General AC current measurements
  • Power measurement applications