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Want to Elevate Electrical Test and Measurement Skills and Knowledge Within Your Team?

Private Training Seminars to fit your needs AEMC® Instruments, a world leader in electrical and power testing and measurement instruments, offers exclusive full- and half-day private seminars designed to empower your team with the electrical testing and measurement expertise needed to be confident and successful.

Why Choose AEMC® Instruments Private Training?

  • Tailored to Your Needs: Our private seminars are fully customizable to cater to your organization's specific requirements. Whether you're a small team or a large enterprise, we can adapt our content to match your skill levels and industry focus.
  • Expert Instructor: Our Technical Product Trainers, Gregg Wong and Jacob Eldridge, have years of practical experience in electrical testing and measurement. They bring real-world insights, best practices, and the latest trends to the table, making the learning experience engaging and rewarding.
  • Hands-on Learning: We believe in learning by doing. Our seminars incorporate practical, hands-on exercises using our instruments, ensuring your team gains invaluable skills that can be applied immediately.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Our seminars encompass a broad spectrum of subjects, starting from fundamental electrical measurements to more advanced testing methods. We also focus on teaching participants how to create and generate reports that can have a positive impact on a company's profitability. Our sessions cover various areas, including safety protocols, data analysis, instrument calibration, and troubleshooting. By attending our seminars, your team will gain a comprehensive understanding of these topics, providing them with a well-rounded skillset.
  • Cutting-edge Equipment: During the seminars, your team will have access to the latest electrical testing instruments and tools, making the training relevant and up-to-date with industry standards.
  • Flexible Scheduling: We understand that time is of the essence. Our seminars can be scheduled at your convenience – be it on-site at your location or through virtual sessions to accommodate remote teams.
  • Certification Certificates: Upon completion of the private seminar, each participant will receive a certification certificate after taking a test on the course material and passing with a 75% or better, validating their new skillset and knowledge.

Don't let the rapid advancements in electrical test and measurement leave your team behind. Invest in their professional development and watch them thrive.

Full Day Seminars

Understanding Ground Resistance Testing — standard ground class

Private Training Seminars to help you understand ground resistance testing

Recent Testimony

Thank you Gregg! Great delivery on your methods, not many programs I can stay glued to the screen but you had information embedded in every line, never a "yawn" moment!

P.Stine, Field Inspector

This seminar provides a comprehensive overview of grounding theory, effects of soil, system components, and most importantly, the testing of grounding systems. It provides an overview of testing methodology used in IEEE 80 and 81, & R56.


Ground class subjects covered:

  • Definitions of ground resistance terminology
  • Principles of resistance testing
  • Reasons for low resistance grounds
  • Introduction to bonds and bonding connectors
    • Bonding issues and inspection
    • Integrity testing bonds
    • Verifying the low resistance path with point-to-point tests
  • Introduction to soils and soil resistivity testing
    • Effects of soil components and the dynamic state of the soil
    • Testing soils
      • Performing soil resistivity testing
      • Using soil data to design a grounding system or to mitigate a high resistance system
  • Grounding Electrodes and Testing
    • Electrode types, sizes, and uses
    • Proper installation of electrodes
    • Fall-of-Potential methods, difficulties, and solutions
    • Alternate testing methods:
      • Slope
      • Selective Fall-of-Potential
      • Three measurements
      • Triangular
    • Validating test results and building reports
    • Clamp-on testing, limitations, and sub-system testing
      • Principal of operation
      • Examples of testing locations
      • Interpreting results
    • Other testing subjects
      • Step and Touch Potential testing
      • Transmission tower testing
  • Review of NEC, IEEE, R56, and other standards
  • Fieldwork covering: Bond Testing, Soil Resistivity, Clamp-On, and Fall-of-Potential methods

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Ground Resistance Testing & Tower Testing

Private Training Seminars to help you understand ground testing ground resistance on towersThis course provides a detailed look at the use of AEMC’s Instruments Model 6474 GroundFlex® Field Kit, its theory and operation coupled with a full day of the Understanding Ground Resistance Testing seminar.

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Half Day Seminars

Bond Testing / Micro-ohmmeter Operation

Request private training to help your team learn more on insulation resistance and bond testing using a micro-ohmmeter A comprehensive overview of contact resistance testing using a Micro-ohmmeter, also known as a Ductor or DLRO. In this seminar, we review the standard operation of micro-ohmmeters, principles of resistance testing, an overview of instrument features, and testing contact resistance on different apparatus, bonds, and non-electrical materials and devices. Interpretation of results and developing a testing plan and field work is completed as part of this half-day seminar.

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Understanding Power Logging

Need help understanding power testing with an AEMC PEL instrument - contact us todayA review of using the AEMC PEL series instruments to log voltage, current and power values. This seminar gives an overview of power basics, PEL functionality, and using trend data to produce reports for energy savings, load studies, and power factor analysis. Completing this seminar will ensure PEL instrument owners are getting the most out of their versatile instrument. Field work, using sample data and AEMC’s software package, DataView®, is included.

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Static Ground and Bond Test System Kit

We offer private training on our proprietary Static Ground Hazmat and Bonding Kit. Contact us to learn more.This seminar is focused on the deployment of the AEMC Static Ground HAZMAT and Bonding kit. Applicable for HAZMAT first responders, the seminar covers relevant NFPA 472 and 77 standards on how to mitigate hazardous static discharge using the Static Ground Test kit. Detailed instruction on static electricity basics, ground resistance measurements, bonding methods to create an equipotential plane of ground and creating a response plan for complex scenarios is involved. Direct hands-on field work is conducted as part of the seminar.

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Tower Testing

Private Training Seminars to fit your needsAEMC’s GroundFlex® Field Kit is the only accurate ground resistance test instrument capable of measuring the ground resistance of an in-service transmission tower. This seminar dives into the contents, function, and theory of the GroundFlex® kit and its many uses. We present multiple testing strategies, real-world scenarios, and in-person hands-on training. The hands-on portion of this seminar requires the use of a transmission structure to be nearby for the field work portion.

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Understanding Insulation Resistance Testing

Private Training Seminars to fit your needsTesting insulation is a quick and quantifiable way to verify electrical conductors, apparatus and other devices are safely installed and ready to perform. We look at the use of megohmmeters, dielectric test theory, how to select an appropriate instrument, multiple test procedures, and interpreting results and reports. Seminar concludes with hands-on field work.

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