John Olobri has retired from AEMC® Instruments

January 07, 2022

/John Olobri has retired from AEMC Instruments

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Dover, NH – AEMC® Instruments, part of the Chauvin Arnoux® Group announces, with mixed emotions, the retirement of John Olobri, Director of Sales & Marketing. Mr. Olobri holds degrees in both Electrical and Industrial Engineering and has worked in the design and marketing of instrumentation for over 35 years. As Director, he was actively involved in the areas of Insulation resistance testing, Ground Resistance testing, Power Quality testing, Environmental testing and Data Logging. He was instrumental in developing and teaching AEMC’s accredited seminar and webinar classes on ground resistance, insulation testing and power quality testing.

We thank him for all the knowledge and expertise he has provided throughout the years and wish him a healthy and happy retirement.