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Perform reliable low resistance measurements using test currents from 10 to 200A and resolution to 1µO. The four-wire Kelvin bridge method eliminates test lead resistance to provide measurement accuracy up to 0.25%.


AEMC® provides versatile, rugged micro-ohmmeters suitable for lab and field use with available test currents from 10 to 200A. Utilizing a four-lead Kelvin method of testing, they accurately measure very low resistances in the micro-ohm range within 0.25%. Other features include data storage and report generation, automatic temperature compensation (model dependent), and polarity reversal. Robust circuitry design allows higher current testing for long periods in time.

  • Micro-ohmmeter Model 6240

    Cat. #2129.80
    10A, Instantaneous, Continuous, Multiple Test, Manual/Auto Temperature Compensation; includes 10A Kelvin Clips and DataView® software
    Four-lead Kelvin tester measures very low resistance from 1µΩ to 400Ω with resolutions to 1µΩ. Selectable test currents of 10A, 1A, 100mA, and 10mA, with a polarity reversal function. Tests both resistive and inductive material, and stores up to 99 measurements. Includes DataView® for configuring the instrument, downloading data, and generating reports.

  • Micro-ohmmeter Model 6292

    Cat. #2129.83
    200A, includes DataView® Software
    Microprocessor-controlled tester measures resistance up to 20mΩ with a resolution of 0.1µΩ, using test currents up to 200A. Features optimized filters and protection for measurements in electrical substations. Designed for measuring very low contact resistances of high voltage circuit breakers, switches, busbars, and other units. Includes DataView® for configuring the instrument, downloading data, and generating reports.

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AEMC Micro-Ohmmeters
Micro-Ohmmeter, bond tester, bond resistance, 1 amp,10 amp, 100 amp, 200 amp,micro-ohm, milliohm, both sides grounded,ducter, thumper, Kelvin probe
Industry-leading low-resistance testing. AEMC micro-ohmmeters generate test currents from mA to 200A to provide 0.1µΩ resolution, using the four-wire Kelvin method. DataView report generation software included.