Simple Logger® SL Series - English

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Version 1.0.13382
Release Date: May 02, 2023

Download SL Series Control Panel software .zip file

Download Instructions:

  1. Click the link above to download
  2. Extract SimpleLogger.exe from the downloaded file. The file can be placed in any directory; we recommend your Desktop for ease-of-use.
  3. To open the SL Control Panel, click the SimpleLogger.exe. The software includes a Help system explaining all program features.

Note that by default the SL Control Panel checks for new software each time it starts up, and for new firmware each time you connect an instrument to it. If a newer version of software or firmware is available, you are asked whether or not to upgrade.

SL Series User Manual

SL Series Product Information

Model SL01 (Voltage, 5Vac)
Model SL10 (Voltage, 100mVdc)
Model SL11 (Voltage, 1Vdc)
Model SL12 (Voltage, 10Vdc)
Model SL13 (Voltage, 50Vdc)
Model SL20 (Current, 4 to 20mAdc)
Model SL30 (Pulse)
Model SL31 (Event)
Model SL40 (Temperature, RTD)
Model SL50 (Temperature, TC)