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Welcome to the AEMC Store

The AEMC® online storefront offers accessories and replacement parts, as well as new, discontinued and refurbished items.

NOTE: Not all products are available through the store. Products not available for direct purchase can be purchased through our network of Authorized Distributors.

SHIPPING: All orders are shipped directly from our factory in Dover NH (EST). Orders that are placed after 3pm are not guaranteed for overnight delivery.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL ORDERS MUST SHIP AS UPS PREPAY AND ADD. The "Use my UPS Account" feature is not active at this time.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS: Contact to qualify for a discounted shipping rate. (Excludes Canada)
(Customer is responsible for all Customs' import fees, including duties and taxes)

POLICIES: Review our Policies, Terms and Conditions.


Best Sellers

  • Clamp-on Meter Model CM605

  • Ground Tester 6471

  • Set of 2 10 ft Kelvin Probes (1A, Spring Loaded) - Cat.#2118.73


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