Press Release Model 8336

July 21, 2014  |  English  |  Español

Model 65xx Series

Model 8336 - Cat. #2136.30
No Sensors

Model 8336 - Cat. #2136.31
w/4 AmpFlex 193-24-BK Sensors

Model 8336 - Cat. #2136.32
w/4 MN193-BK Sensors

AEMC® Introduces the NEW Power Quality Analyzer PowerPad® III Model 8336

The PowerPad® III Model 8336 is a three-phase power quality analyzer that is easy-to-use, compact and shock resistant. It enables technicians and engineers to measure and carry out diagnostics and power quality work on one-, two- or three-phase networks. Five voltage and four current inputs are provided. It is IEC 61000-4-30 Class B and safety rated to 600V CAT IV and 1000V CAT III.

The Model 8336 has 2GB of memory available for storing trend data. Additional internal memory is used to let you store alarms, transients, and snapshot data. The user can store up to 50 screen snapshots, up to 210 captured transients that contain four cycles for each active input or inrush data for up to 10 minutes, and 10,000 alarm events from up to 40 different parameters. Trend data can also be recorded for days, weeks or even months. Inrush current can also be captured and stored.


  • Measurement of TRMS voltages up to 1000Vrms AC/DC for two-, three-, four- or five-wire systems
  • Measurement of TRMS currents up to 10,000Arms (sensor dependent)
  • Direct measurement of neutral current & voltage
  • Frequency measurement (40 to 69Hz)
  • Record and display trend data as fast as once per second for one month for up to 41 variables
  • Transient detection on all V and I inputs (up to 210)
  • Measures harmonics (referenced to the fundamental or RMS Value) for voltage, current or power up to the 50th harmonic
  • Recording, time stamping and characterization of disturbance (swells, sags, and interruptions, exceedence of power and harmonic thresholds)
  • 2GB SD Card for Trend Recording memory; Alarm, Snapshot, Transient and Inrush stored in internal flash memory
  • 65µs/sample trend recording
  • Includes FREE DataView® software for configuring data storage, real-time display, analysis and report generation


  • Verification of power distribution circuits
  • In-plant troubleshooting of power distribution panels and individual machinery
  • Monitor pad mount transformers and phase unbalances
  • Determine harmonic problems originating from source or load
  • Determine transformer Factor-K
  • Energy metering (kVAh, VARh, kWh)