Press Release Models 32xx Series

April 12, 2016  |  English  |  Español

Models 32xx Series

Model MTX 3290 - Cat. #2154.01

Model MTX 3291 - Cat. #2154.02

Model MTX 3292 - Cat. #2154.03

Model MTX 3293 - Cat. #2154.04

Model MTX 3292-BT - Cat. #2154.05

Model MTX 3293-BT - Cat. #2154.06

AEMC® Introduces the NEW ASYC IV Digital Multimeter Models MTX 3290, MTX 3291, MTX 3292 & MTX 3293

These portable hand-held multimeters with digital display (Models MTX 3290 & MTX 3291) and graphical color display (Models MTX 3292 & MTX 3293) allow direct measurement of the main electrical quantities. They display measurement results either as numeric values or as graphs showing the trend over time. The graphical models include MATH functions and Recording capabilities. USB and Bluetooth communication allow meter configuration, real-time data streaming and downloading recordings using SX-DMM software. Instrument’s firmware can also be upgraded through USB. Their innovative design makes them compact, rugged, comfortable to grip and leak-proof to IP67 standard.


  • True RMS AC Voltage and Current measurements
  • Up to 100,000 count display
  • 1000V AC/DC/AC+DC
  • 10A AC/DC/AC+DC
  • Min/Max/Avg/Peak with time and date stamp
  • 20kHz to 200Khz bandwidth
  • Recording capabilities up to 6,500 measurements
  • Temperature PT100/PT1000, -200 to 800oC ; K TC, -40 to 1200oC
  • Frequency measurement to 5MHz
  • Audible continuity check
  • Capacitance measurement to 60mF
  • Relative function for comparing measurements
  • PWM low pass filter for measuring variable speed drives
  • V-output Clamp function with programmable ratios
  • VLowZ – low impedance (ghost) voltage measurements
  • Color graphical display
  • Bluetooth and USB communication
  • IP 67 Rated


  • Used in Industry, telecommunications and defense
  • Electrical and electronics maintenance, as well as machine maintenance
  • Electronics for wiring tests on a computer or component testing on medical equipment
  • Automatic control systems and processes in industry sectors of food, plastics, concrete, metal, paper, wood, oil, nuclear, etc.
  • Maintenance of many industrial machines such as numerical control, motors, generators, etc.
  • Education and research