Press Release Models PEL102 & PEL103

February 25, 2015  |  English  |  Español



Model PEL 102 - Cat. #2137.51
(no LCD, w/3 MA193-10-BK sensors)

Model PEL 103 - Cat. #2137.52
(with LCD, w/3 MA193-10-BK sensors)

Model PEL 102 - Cat. #2137.61
(no LCD, no sensors)

Model PEL 103 - Cat. #2137.62
(with LCD, no sensors)

AEMC's New & Improved Single/Three-Phase
Power & Energy Loggers Models PEL 102 & 103

The PEL 102 & PEL 103 are low cost, simple to use, single-, dual-, (split-phase) and three-phase power and energy loggers. There are two models available, Model PEL 102 (no display) or Model PEL 103 (with a backlit digital display). These products are ideal for electricians, engineers and contractors doing work in the areas of building and system monitoring and upgrades, including compliance to article 220.87 of the NEC, as well as residential and overall energy audits

  • Optional Adapter allows the PEL 102 or PEL 103 to be powered by one of the line voltage inputs it is measuring
  • Ability to configure the PEL 103 from the front panel using the configuration mode which was originally only available through DataView® software
  • Availability of an Android™ App for a smartphone or tablet to configure, view and store data wirelessly through the Bluetooth communication
  • Ability to create DataView® reports from the one second data parameters (only the aggregate data was available previously)
  • Optional J93-BK AC/DC Current Probe measures from 50 to 5000 ADC and 50 to 3500AAC
  • ETL approval with US and Canadian riders
  • Ability to set up to 8 times of use cost calculations



  • Measurement of RMS voltages and currents at 128 times per cycle and stored every second
  • Energy measurements of VAh, Wh (source/load indication) and varh (including quadrant indication)
  • Calculation of the cos φ Displacement Power Factor (DPF) and the Power Factor (PF) stored every second
  • Calculation of Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
  • Measurement of the DC quantities from 100 volts
  • Monitoring your power & energy usage and costs locally or from anywhere in the world