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OLED Display - Models 6416 & 6417

The Clamp-on Ground Resistance Testers Model 6416 and Model 6417 enable you to measure grounding electrodes and grid resistance without the use of auxiliary ground rods. These instruments can be used in multi-grounded systems without disconnecting the ground system under test. With onboard memory, measurements can be stored for later analysis. The Model 6417 also features Bluetooth to communicate with our DataView® software and our Model 6417 Android™ App (available through Google Play).  

As you can see in the photo to the right, the Model 6416/6417 simply clamps around the ground conductor or rod and measures the resistance/impedance to ground.
The instrument’s high sensitivity also enables measurements of leakage current flowing to ground or circulating in ground loops from 0.2mA to 40A and resistances from 10mΩ to 1500Ω.
Safety checks of voltage and current are automatically performed to help ensure conditions are safe and noise-free for valid measurements.

In the example measurement shown in the photo, the instrument indicates that there is approximately 1.66mA of current on the ground rod and the ground resistance is approximately 27.5 Ohms.

An important feature of this instrument is the large multi-function display. This is a 152 segment Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) screen. OLED technology results in a thinner, lighter, sharper, higher contrast display when compared to LCD screens. The OLED display also consumes less power than traditional screens and helps to maximize battery life.

The display provides up to 22 parameters and informational icons that can be activated during configuration testing and analysis of results, either in real-time or from stored memory.

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