Lead Compensation - Models 6550 & 6555

All 6550 and 6555 Models with firmware version 2.1 or later allow you to select 0kΩ or 44kΩ lead compensation before using the meter. Users with K22 marked leads should enable 44kΩ lead compensation on their 6550/6555.  By default, all new products are shipped with K22 leads and 44kΩ lead compensation selected.

The Red lead in our set of 3 leads currently supplied with these meters includes 1 resistor of 22kΩ on each end to limit the peak short circuit current.

The Red lead is marked with K22 at each end to identify the lead type.

This creates an additional 44kΩ of lead resistance that should be compensated for in the meter.

To enter the lead compensation selection menu, press the “Filter” button and hold it down while turning the switch from the OFF position to the SET-UP position.

Use the UP and DOWN arrow keys to highlight the 44kΩ or 0kΩ options. Use the RIGHT arrow key to select the highlighted entry. After a few seconds, the meter will reboot and the value is permanently saved until changed again.

If you are using a Red lead with no K22 markings, the compensation selection should be set to 0kΩ. Older versions of our replacement leads and our optional Hippo clips, require no compensation.

NOTE: When troubleshooting issues when using the meters and checking lead continuity, these leads will not pass a straight through continuity test. They will not “buzz out” and may appear to be open/broken when testing them for continuity. When testing these leads, use the Ohms setting on your multimeter and they will measure 44kΩ.

  Download the PDF Instructions