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Digital Multimeters

Why Choose AEMC Digital Multimeters?

Highest Quality

AEMC Instruments’ range of hand-held digital multimeters are compact, simple-to-use, accurate and are designed and tested by electrical engineers offering superior knowledge in safety and time-saving features to help you confidently troubleshoot and solve problems.

Feature Rich

AEMC’s multimeters offer features that are only found on meters at a much higher price such as non-contact voltage detection and Bluetooth integration to synchronize with other recording instruments.

Cost Effective & Quick Ship

Our multimeters are built with exceptional quality for a great value and we offer a fast delivery of one week (in-stock).


Our multimeter instruments are designed, manufactured and tested to meet the latest safety and measurement standards (NF EN 61010-1/61010-2-030/033, 600/1000V, CAT IV / CAT III).

Tech Support

AEMC® provides complete technical support through our technical hot line 800-945-2362 (ext.351), speak directly to one of our tech support staff today. Or e-mail your questions to our tech team.

Digital Multimeters Features

  • Determine cable runs in wall, conduit and other surfaces
  • Models range from basic 4000 count instruments to high accuracy 100,000 count displays
  • Easy-to-read graphical display of trends and multiple parameters.
  • Trace cursors and zoom on recordings
  • Advanced features including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication, data logging, and noncontact voltage detection are available in many models
  • For more demanding applications, intrinsically safe and waterproof models are available
  • and more...

Applications (model dependent)

  • Electrical installers and professionals
  • Electrical, electronics and machine maintenance (numerical controls, motors, generators, etc.)
  • Electricians and heating or air-conditioning specialists
  • Computer or medical equipment wiring component testing
  • Automatic cooling systems and processes (Sectors: food, plastics, concrete, metal, paper, wood, oil, nuclear, etc.)
  • and much more...

Digital Multimeters


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