Ground Resistance Testers

Why Choose AEMC® Instruments Ground Resistance Testers?

We know it’s essential for you to have the ability to properly measure ground resistance to prevent costly downtime due to service interruptions caused by poor grounds. That’s why we offer one of the largest selections of easy-to-use ground resistance testers.

Pioneers of Innovation

We pioneered the use of clamp-on ground resistance testing and we regularly review and improve the features of our instruments so you can expect AEMC ground resistance testers to be the highest quality, the most complete package, and the simplest way to learn about and ensure ground integrity.

Our revolutionary Clamp-On Ground Resistance Testers will save you time and money with the ability to measure resistance without disconnecting the ground system.

We developed and introduced the only ground tester capable of testing energized transmission towers (Models 6472/6474). It can also test ground resistance of individual power transmission tower legs (as well as total resistance) without disconnecting the overhead ground wire.

Widest Selection of Ground Resistance Testing Instruments

Whether you perform a simple point-to-point test, a clamp-on ground resistance test, or a more complete 3-or 4-Point Fall-of-Potential test, AEMC® Instruments manufactures the right instrument to fit your application.

Accredited Ground Resistance Testing Seminars

Our experts understand the processes for earth resistance testing as referenced in the IEEE Standard No. 81. and we want you to confidently understand it too. We conduct accredited one day ground resistance technical training seminars throughout the country. Our course, comprised of both class and field training, will give you all the information you need to understand proper sizing and testing of grounding systems.

Private Seminars & Demonstrations

We also offer personalized private seminars. Have questions on how to use AEMC® Ground Resistance Testers? We're happy to provide a demonstration with our technical experts. Contact us at (800) 343-1391 or email us at

Tech Support

Our experts are available for field support in person or on the phone while you're at a job site.

AEMC provides complete technical support through our technical hot line 800-945-2362 (ext.351), speak directly to one of our tech support team members. Or e-mail your clamp meter questions to our tech team

Ground Resistance Testers Selection Chart

We created this all-in-one comparison document to help you select a proper Ground Resistance Tester for your specific needs.


Ground Resistance Testers