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Why Choose AEMC Micro-Ohmmeters?

We know it’s fundamental for you to have the ability to precisely measure low and very low electrical resistance values to correctly diagnose problems in electrical wiring and determine the cause of a component or circuit failure. That’s why we offer one of the largest selections of hand-held, and benchtop Micro-Ohmmeter models that are accurate, rugged and easy-to-use.

Our engineers regularly review and improve the features of our instruments so you can always expect AEMC Micro-Ohmmeters to be the highest quality.

Low Resistance Accuracy

AEMC® provides versatile, rugged micro-ohmmeters suitable for lab and field use with available test currents from 10 to 200A. Utilizing a four-lead Kelvin method of testing, our instruments accurately measure very low resistances in the micro-ohm range within 0.05%.

Key Features

  • Measurement resolution down to 0.1µΩ
  • Automatic temperature compensation (model dependent) aids in year to year analysis and preventive maintenance decisions
  • Polarity reversal
  • Robust circuitry design allows higher current testing for long periods in time.
  • Data storage and report generation

Comprehensive Data Analysis Software

Our powerful DataView software, with customizable templates and professional data reports, is included to provide valuable insights and stores up to 1500 measurements (model dependent) saving time and money.

Micro-Ohmmeter Comparisons

We created the following one-page comparison document to help you select the best Micro-Ohmmeter for your specific needs.


Expert Tech Support

AEMC® provides complete technical support through our technical hot line 800-945-2362 (ext.351), speak directly to one of our tech support team members. Or e-mail your questions to our tech team.

Excellent Customer Service

Our knowledgeable and friendly service team provides the best support in the industry. We seek to understand your inquiry or feedback in a respectful and responsive way. Our goal at AEMC® is to surpass your expectations.

Request a Demo

Have questions on how to use AEMC® Micro-Ohmmeters? We're happy to provide a demonstration with our technical experts. Contact us at (800) 343-1391 or email us at


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