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Clamp-On Meters

Rugged, feature-rich and with the highest safety ratings.

Clamp-On Meters

AEMC® clamp-on meters feature simple, one-hand operation for measuring AAC, ADC, VAC, resistance, continuity, frequency, TRMS, %THD, CF, peak, and other parameters. They also perform diode checks. These clamp-on meters are ideal for a wide range of electrical, automotive, and utilities applications.
  • Clamp-on Meter Model 607 (Refurbished)

    Large Size, Professional Functionality
    Cat. #2139.61
    TRMS, True InRush®, 1000VAC/DC, 2000AAC /3000ADC, Data Recording
    Measures AC, DC and AC+DC voltage, current, and power. Also measures frequency, resistance, continuity, True InRush®, and harmonics. Performs diode checks. Performs data recording. Safety rated at 1000V CAT IV. IP54 rated to withstand dust and water spray.


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