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Current Probes

Why Choose AEMC Current Probes?

The Most Comprehensive Line of Current Probes

AEMC® the world's largest supplier, offers current probe models capable of accurately measuring from the low µA to kA range. A wide variety of configurations and jaw sizes are available.

Probe types include iron core, Hall Effect, Flux Gate, and Rogowski.

Highest Quality

AEMC Instruments’ range of current probes are compact, simple-to-use, accurate and are designed and tested by electrical engineers offering superior knowledge in safety and time-saving features to help you confidently troubleshoot and solve problems.


Our current probes are designed, manufactured and tested to meet the latest safety and measurement standards (IEC EN 61010/ EN 61010-1/NF EN 61010-2-30, 300/600V/1000V, CAT III / CAT IV).

Easy Interface Options

Standard and customized output options provide easy interface to data loggers, meters, oscilloscopes, control systems, and more.

Custom Probes

AEMC Instruments offers custom probes to meet your application. Just let us know your specific needs.

Tech Support

AEMC® provides complete technical support through our technical hot line 800-945-2362 (ext.351), speak directly to one of our tech support staff today. Or e-mail your questions to our tech team.

Current Measurement Probe Comparisons

We created this all-in-one comparison document to help you select a proper Clamp-on Current Probe for your specific needs.


Current Probes

  • AC Current Probe Model MN313 (refurbished)

    Cat. #2116.25
    150A, 1mA/A, Lead
    High accuracy/lower phase shift AC current probe. Features a 1000:1 ratio and an output of 1mA per A in the primary (inside the jaws). Includes a protective diode across the output that limits voltage when the secondary is open, and an integral 5’ (1.5m) lead terminated by shrouded banana plugs.

  • AC Current Probe Model MD304 (Refurbished)

    Cat. #901.1201.37
    600A, 10mA/A, Lead
    High accuracy 600A current probe with excellent frequency and phase shift characteristics. Unique hook-shaped jaws enable the user to "pry" into or "hook" onto cables. Maximum conductor size is 2 x 500kcmil. Works as a traditional current transformer with ratio of 1000:1. Includes 5’ (1.5m) lead with safety banana plugs.

  • AC Current Probe Model SR652 (Refurbished)

    Cat. #901.2113.46

    1000A, 1mV/A, Lead

  • AC Current Probe Model SR632 (refurbished)

    Cat. #2114.79
    1000A, 5mA/A, Lead
    General purpose 1000AAC current probe for instruments that require 5A current input. Includes integral 5' (1.5m) lead terminated by shrouded banana plugs. Designed for power applications where high accuracy and low phase shift are important.

  • AC Current Probe Model JM813 (Refurbished)

    Cat. #2110.93
    3000A, 1mA/A, Lead
    Features excellent transformation and low phase shift. Provides accurate measurements up to 3600AAC. The "squared" jaw permits multiple conductor or bus bar positionings. Provides excellent TRMS capabilities and reliable signal reproduction.

  • AC Current Probe Model JM830A (Refurbished)

    Cat. #2110.83

    (3000A, 0.333mA/A, Lead)

  • AC Current Probe Model JM875 (Refurbished)

    Cat. #901.2110.89
    30A, 100mV/A; 300A, 10mV/A & 2800A, 1mV/A, Jack
    Features excellent transformation, low phase shift, and broad frequency response. Provides accurate measurements up to 30AAC/300AAC/3000AAC. The "squared" jaw permits multiple conductor or bus bar positionings. Provides excellent TRMS capabilities, reliable signal reproduction, and accurate voltage output proportional to the measured current (1mV/A,10mV/Aor 100mV/A). The voltage output enables instruments without current ranges to display or log currents on an AC voltage range.


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