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Environmental Testers

Cost effective, hand-held instruments for measuring temperature, humidity, light, wind speed, and other variables.

Environmental Testers

AEMC® offers a full line of hand-held environmental test instruments for measuring and monitoring light, temperature, humidity, sound and CO2. All models are battery operated and provide a digital display with backlighting. Data logging is available in several models.
  • Air Quality Logger Model C.A 1510 (Refurbished)

    Cat. #2138.08
    Range 0 to 5000ppm, Resolution 1ppm, Response time (63%) <200 seconds
    Monitors temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide (CO2) in the local environment. Can store up to a million measurements. Includes a free app for using an AndroidTM mobile device to connect to the instrument, view measurement data (in tabular or graphical format), start and stop a recording session, download recorded data, configure the instrument, and perform other tasks.

  • Infrared Thermometer Model CA876 (refurbished)

    Cat. #2121.34
    Measurement range -4° to 1022°F (-20° to 550°C), Resolution 1°F (1°C), Thermopile sensor, MIN/MAX
    The Infrared Thermometer Model CA876 is a non-contact infrared temperature measuring instrument. It includes a 3 1/2 digit backlit LCD, auto-hold function and auto power off (15 seconds). The MEAS button is used to extend the battery life by automatically stopping measurement temperature and holding the display reading.


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