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Ground Resistance Testers

The most complete line of Ground Resistance Testers available including the revolutionary Clamp-On Ground Resistance Testers and Tower Tester. The highest quality, the most complete, and the simplest to use.

Ground Resistance Testers

Whether you perform a simplified 2-Point, a more complete 3- or 4-Point Fall-of-Potential test, a soil resistivity test, or a touch potential test, AEMC® has the right instrument for you. Our revolutionary Clamp-On Ground Resistance Testers will save you both time and money. Whichever AEMC® ground tester you choose, expect it to be the highest quality, the most complete package, and the simplest way to learn and ensure ground integrity.

  • Ground Resistance Tester Model 4630 (refurbished)

    Cat. #2130.44
    Range 0.01 to 2000Ω, Resolution 0.001 to 10Ω, 4-Point test
    The Digital Ground Resistance Tester Model 4630 performs ground resistance and soil resistivity tests. Measures from 0 to 2000Ω, and is auto-ranging (automatically seeks outs optimum measurement range). Designed to reject high levels of interference. Ideal for maintenance crews performing numerous tests.

    Also available in complete Kits (150ft, 300ft & 500ft).


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