Press Release Multimeters 5212, 5215 & 5217

February 22, 2016  |  English  |  Español

Models 5212-5215-5217

Model 5212 - Cat. #2154.07

Model 5215 - Cat. #2154.08

Model 5217 - Cat. #2154.09

AEMC® Introduces the NEW Digital Multimeter
Models 5212, 5215 & 5217

These portable hand-held multimeters measure a variety of electrical and physical quantities including voltage (AC and DC), resistance, capacitance, frequency and temperature. These instruments can also perform continuity checks, voltage detection and diode testing (including forward bias voltage). Measurement features include Auto Range mode, which enables the instrument to select the best range for the input detected, and a Data HOLD function. These instruments are rugged and simple to use and rated to 600V CAT III.

  • True RMS (TRMS)
  • Non-Contact Voltage detection
  • Low input impedance voltage measurement (VLowZ) to help prevent "ghost" voltage from affecting the measurement
  • HOLD function
  • MAX/MIN function displays the maximum and minimum readings detected during a measurement session
  • Δ REL compares measurements to a user selected reference value.
  • Auto/Manual range selection
  • Backlight and flashlight
  • Multiple mounting options (stand, slot, magnet)
  • Sleep Mode for extending battery life


  • Voltage (AC and DC)
  • Current (AC and DC)
  • Resistance
  • Diode test
  • Continuity check
  • Capacitance
  • Temperature measurement (Model 5217)