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Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Floor Test Kit

Sparking is an obvious concern in areas where flammable gas or liquid is present and these areas require strict safety measures to prevent static electricity from build-up and discharge. ESD events can also frequently occur without a visible or audible spark and can severely damage sensitive electronic components and assemblies. Some components can be damaged by discharges as little as 30V. These invisible forms of ESD can cause labs and production manufacturing device failures and imperceptible forms of degradation that may affect reliability and performance of sensitive surface mounted electronics.

Test ESD Flooring to Protect Your Equipment and Devices from ESD

Detect, monitor, measure and report static electricity and voltage generation (ANSI/ESD STM97.2) in combination with a person in work environments by testing ESD floor performance. Our Megohmmeter Model 6536 ESD Floor Kit tests both point-to-ground and point-to-point electrostatic discharge. The ESD kit provides all the necessary elements for compliance with the ANSI/ESD STM97.2-2006 standard. Simply place the two electrodes on the test flooring surface three feet apart and apply a known voltage across the surface of the electrically reactive floor material. Megohmmeter model 6536 will record the resistance within the material so you can determine if it falls within the standard acceptable ranges.

This ESD kit contains Megohmmeter model 6536, two 5 pound (2.3 kg) floor weights, also referred to as NFPA probes, that are in compliance with EOS/ESD 11.11 specifications. Each floor weight is coated with insulative paint and a conductive rubber base. The instrument, floor weights and test leads are packaged in a rugged field case.

The kit includes:

  • (1) field case
  • (1) Megohmmeter Model 6536
  • (2) 5ft color-coded (red/black) leads
  • (2) color-coded (red/black) alligator clips
  • (1) black test probe
  • (2) color-coded (red/black) grip probes
  • (2) 5 lb weights with conductive rubber bottom pad
  • (2) 4mm non-insulated adapters
  • (6) AA batteries, and a user manual


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2155.57 2155.57 Megohmmeter Model 6536 Electro Static Discharge (ESD) Floor Kit $1,640.00 Consult Factory for Availability
Cat. #2155.57
DescriptionMegohmmeter Model 6536 Electro Static Discharge (ESD) Floor Kit
List Price$1,640.00
Consult Factory for Availability

Megohmmeter Model 6536

AC/DC Voltage Measurement
Range 0.3 to 700V
Accuracy ±(3% R + 2ct)
Resolution 1 to 99.9V: 0.1V
100 to 999V: 1V
1000 to 4000V: 2V
Frequency Range DC & 15.3 to 800Hz
Input Impedance  400kΩ
Insulation Measurement
Test Voltage / Resistance Range Test Voltage: Variable 10 to 100V (1V steps)
10V: 2kΩ to 2GΩ
25V: (Vtest/5)kΩ to (Vtest/5) GΩ
100V: 20kΩ to 20GΩ
Measurement Accuracy 2-999kΩ only:  ±(4% + 20 ct)
All other ranges:  ±(3% + 2 ct)+(10%V) per 100MΩ
Auto Discharge Discharge time < 2s/µF From Vtest to 25V
Live Circuit Indicator Inhibit test if terminal voltage > 25V prior to initialization of test
Continuity Measurement
Ranges 0.00 to 10Ω (200mA test current)
0.0 to 100Ω (20mA test current)
Accuracy ± (2% R + 2ct) with lead compensation
Open Voltage ≥ 6V
Resistance Measurement
Range 1Ω to 1000kΩ
Accuracy ± (3% R + 2ct)
Open Voltage Approximately 4.5V
General Features
Programmable Alarm Yes
Timer 0:00 to 39:59mn, with 1s resolution
Display Backlit digital with bargraph
Power Supply Six AA batteries (NEDA 15A or IEC LR6)
Battery Life ≥ 6000 IR tests at 100V into 100kΩ with a duty cycle of 5 seconds on and 1 min off.
≥ 3000 R tests of 1Ω with a duty cycle of 5 seconds on and 1min off.
Dimensions 8.31 x 4.25 x 2.36” (211 x 108 x 60mm)
Weight 1.87 lb (850g)
Altitude Operating 2000m
Operating Temperature -4° to +131°F (-20° to +55°C) & 20 to 80% RH
Storage Temperature -22° to +176°F (-30° to +80°C) & 10 to 90% RH, without batteries
IP Rating IP 54
Safety Compliance IEC/EN 61010-1, 600V CAT IV, IEC 61557


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