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Data Loggers

Single, dual, four and 8 channel Data Loggers, including comprehensive software for data storage and report generation.

Data Loggers

Single, dual, four, and eight channel data loggers are available to measure a wide variety of AC, DC, pulse, and environmental parameters such as temperature, pressure, and flow. Comprehensive software is included for instrument configuration, data download, and report generation. Wired and wireless communication options allow access to the data locally or anywhere in the world. There are many compatible current probes available as accessories for select models.

  • Simple Logger® II Model L322

    Cat. #2126.06

    2-Channel, 4 to 20mADC, Current, DataView® Software
    (Discontinued, replaced by Model L452)

  • Air Quality Logger Model C.A 1510

    Cat. #2138.08
    Range 0 to 5000ppm, Resolution 1ppm, Response time (63%) <200 seconds
    Monitors temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide (CO2) in the local environment. Can store up to a million measurements. Includes a free app for using an AndroidTM mobile device to connect to the instrument, view measurement data (in tabular or graphical format), start and stop a recording session, download recorded data, configure the instrument, and perform other tasks.

  • Simple Logger® II Model L564

    Cat. #2126.36

    4-Channel, TRMS, Bluetooth, Voltage & Current, DataView® Software

  • Simple Logger II Model L404

    Cat. #2126.29

    4-Channel, TRMS, Bluetooth, 0 to 1VAC, DataView® Software
    (Discontinued, replaced by Model L452)

  • Simple Logger® II Model L104

    Cat. #2126.10

    4-Channel, TRMS, Bluetooth, 0 to 1VAC, DataView® Software


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