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Environmental Testers

Cost effective, hand-held instruments for measuring temperature, humidity, light, wind speed, and other variables.

Environmental Testers

Why Choose AEMC® Environmental Testers?

Looking for dependable, easy to use testing instruments for all your light, temperature, humidity, dew point, sound and CO2 tests?

AEMC® offers a full line of quality hand-held environmental test instruments that are easy to use and produce accurate results. All our models are ergonomically designed, perform multiple tasks, are battery operated and provide a digital display with backlighting.

  • Our instruments are ideal for your workplace environmental analysis and planning.
  • Unique mapping feature for light, wind and air flow measurements and assist in building health compliance to OSHA standards.
  • Data logging capability with data analysis and report generation software included.
  • Visual CO2 alarm feature warns of unsafe CO2 levels
  • Wireless communication with AEMC model 1954 Thermal imaging camera

Cost Effective & Quick Ship

We price our products competitively and offer a fast delivery of one week for our in-stock products.

Features (model dependent)

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Simple-to-use
  • Battery or USB powered
  • Hand-held or wall mountable
  • Data logging
  • User programmable
  • Multi line backlit display
  • USB and Bluetooth communication
  • Analysis/Report generating DataView software

Tech Support

AEMC provides complete technical support through our technical hot line 800-945-2362 (ext.351), speak directly to one of our tech support team members. Or e-mail your environmental tester questions to our tech team

  • Infrared Thermometer Model CA870

    Cat. #2121.30
    Infrared Thermometer Model CA870 (Discontinued)

  • Infrared Thermometer Model CA876 (refurbished)

    Cat. #2121.34
    Measurement range -4° to 1022°F (-20° to 550°C), Resolution 1°F (1°C), Thermopile sensor, MIN/MAX
    The Infrared Thermometer Model CA876 is a non-contact infrared temperature measuring instrument. It includes a 3 1/2 digit backlit LCD, auto-hold function and auto power off (15 seconds). The MEAS button is used to extend the battery life by automatically stopping measurement temperature and holding the display reading.

  • Thermal Imaging IR Camera Model 1950

    Cat. #2121.40
    Focus-free 20° x 20° field of view, configurable emissivity table, capability to add narration and external measurement data, report generation software
    The Thermal Imaging IR Camera Model 1950 is equipped with infrared thermography detection technology that has become an indispensable means ensuring safety in industrial production.