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Insulation Resistance Testing Webinar - Resources

Thank you for attending AEMC’s "Understanding Insulation Resistance Testing" online webinar. Below are the following items we promised to provide you:

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Webinar Presentation

Copy of Presentation

Application Notes

An Introduction to Insulation Resistance Testing

True RMS, True InRush, and True Megohmmeter

Megohmmeter Calibration Checker and Ground Resistance Checker

Megohmmeter Insulation Testing After Flood Damage

Data Sheets


Hand-cranked Megohmmeter Models 6501 (500V) & 6503 (1000V)

Box Megohmmeters

Megohmmeter Models 1050 & 1060 (up to 1000V Digital/Analog)

Megohmmeter Models 6505 (up to 5000V Digital/Analog)

Megohmmeter Model 5050 & 5060 (up to 5000V Digital/Analog)

Megohmmeter Model 5070 (up to 5000V Graphical)

Megohmmeter Model 6550 (up to 10,000V Digital)

Megohmmeter Model 6555 (up to 15,000V Digital)

Hand-held Megohmmeters

Megohmmeter Model 1015 (up to 1000V Analog)

Megohmmeter Model 6527 (up to 1000V Digital)

Megohmmeter Models 6522, 6524, 6526 , 6532, 6534 & 6536 (up to 1000V Digital)

Megohmmeter Models 6528 & 6529 (250V-1000V - Digital & Multi-Function)

User Manuals


Models 6501 & 6503

Box Megohmmeters

Model 6527

Models 1050 & 1060

Model 6505

Models 5050 & 5060

Model 5070

Models 6550 & 6555

Hand-held Megohmmeters

Model 1015

Models 6522 & 6524

Models 6526, 6532 & 6534

Model 6536

Models 6528 & 6529


Megohmmeter Calibration Checker

AMEC - Insulation Resistance Testing Webinar - Thanks For Attending


Megohmmeters (An array of Megohmmeters)

Handheld Megohmmeters

1000V Digital Handheld Megohmmeters (Models 6528 & 6529

10kV and 15kV Digital Megohmmeters


AEMC’s Master Catalog


Understanding Insulation Resistance Testing

Comparison Charts

Handheld Megohmmeters

Hard Case Megohmmeters

Additional Material

We will also mail the following material for attending the seminar:

  • Class Completion Certificate
  • Personalized Certificate of Certification (if you achieve a score of at least 75%)
  • Rebate Discount Certificate - can be applied to a future purchase (Continental U.S. end user customers only)
  • Literature on AEMC's Insulation Resistance test instruments

Questions & Demos

For more information on our products and services or if you would like a demonstration of our insulation testers at your site, please contact us at (800) 343-1391 or We look forward to working with you.



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