Understanding Insulation Resistance Testing

Why have an insulation testing program?
A regular program of testing insulation resistance is strongly recommended to prevent electrical shocks, assure safety of personnel and to reduce or eliminate down time. It helps to detect deterioration of insulation in order to schedule repair work such as: vacuum cleaning, steam cleaning, drying and rewinding. It is also helpful when evaluating the quality of the repairs before the equipment is put back into operation.

What causes insulation failure?
Some of the more common causes of insulation failure include: excessive heat or cold, moisture, dirt, corrosive vapors, oil, vibration, aging and nicked wiring.

What tests are used to detect insulation deterioration?
There are numerous maintenance tests for assessing insulation quality. The three tests discussed here are used primarily to test motor, generator and transformer insulation.

What equipment is necessary for conducting insulation resistance tests?

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