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Current Probes

World’s largest supplier of current measurement probes and sensors for AC and DC applications, with ranges and outputs for any application.

Current Probes

AEMC® offers the most comprehensive line of current probes available, with models capable of accurately measuring from the low µA to kA range. A wide variety of configurations and jaw sizes are available. Probe types include iron core, Hall Effect, Flux Gate, and Rogowski. Standard and customized output options provide easy interface to data loggers, meters, oscilloscopes, control systems, and more.

  • Digital FlexProbe® (MiniFlex)

    An ideal addition to the electrician’s tool kit, the Digital FlexProbe® series can be used for TRMS AC current measurements and are rated at 600V CAT IV. They provide a welcome solution when accessing electrical conductors in difficult and tight places.

  • AC Current Probe Model SR652

    Cat. #2113.46

    1000A, 1mV/A, Lead (Discontinued)


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