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AC/DC Current Probe Model MR415 (Replaces Cat #1200.70 - Model MR410) - Cat.#1200.80
AC/DC Current Probe Model MR416 (Replaces Cat # 1200.68 - Model MR411) - Cat.#1200.82
AC/DC Current Probe Model MR417 (Replaces Cat # 1200.72 - Model MR461) - Cat.#1200.84
AC/DC Current Probe Model MR525 (Replaces Cat # 1200.71 - Model MR520) - Cat.#1200.81
AC/DC Current Probe Model MR526 (Replaces Cat # 1200.69 - Model MR521) - Cat.#1200.83
AC/DC Current Probe Model MR527 (Replaces Cat #1200.73 - Model MR561) - Cat.#1200.85
AC/DC Current Probe Model MR411 DISCONTINUED - Cat.#1200.68
AC/DC Current Probe Model MR521 DISCONTINUED - Cat.#1200.69
AC/DC Current Probe Model MR410 w/Lead (Non-RoHS). - Cat.#1200.70
AC Current Probe Model MR461 DISCONTINUED - Cat.#1200.72
AC Current Probe Model MR561 DISCONTINUED - Cat.#1200.73
AC/DC Current Probe Model MR6292 - Cat.#2129.86
PowerPad® Model 3945-B w/3 MR193 (Discontinued) - Cat.#2130.79
Pouch - Replacement for Models PR-1 and PMR-1
Dimensions: 6.25 x 4.63 x 1.5" (Discontinued) - Cat.#2121.51
DISCONTINUED Lead - Replacement, Set of 3 Color-coded 4 ft Leads for Model PMR-1 - Cat.#2121.52
Set or 3 replacement leads, color-coded (1000V CAT III 10A) with clips for the Models 6608 & 6609 (may be used with PMR-1) - Cat.#2121.55
Fuse - Set of 10, 0.2A, 600V (Fast Blow), 5 x 20mm for Models 1210N, PR-1 and PMR-1 - Cat.#2973.02
AC/DC Current Probe Model MR193-BK - Cat.#2140.28
Probe – Set of 3, Color-coded MR193 - Cat.#2140.13
PowerPad® Model 8335 w/4 MR193 (Discontinued. Replaced by 8336) - Cat.#2136.25

User Manual




DataView Software

Ver 3.61.0008     Open Release Notes for the latest updates   |   Models Supported by DataView
Release Date: November 12, 2019

Supported Operating Systems:
Windows 7 (32 & 64 Bit)
Windows 8/8.1 (32 & 64 Bit)
Windows 10 (32 & 64 Bit)

When installing/updating any of the DataView Control Panels below you MUST also update the DataView software to avoid communication errors.  

PLEASE READ - If DataView is already installed, you can check for updates:

  • English - Select "Update" from the Help menu within DataView to download an updated version of DataView.
  • French - Pour telecharger mise a jour, selectionner le menu aide dans Dataview and clicker sur "mise a jour".
  • Spanish - Para descargar Actualizaciones, vaya al menú de Ayuda dentro de DataView y clic en "Actualización".

IR Camera Model 1950 and 1954 Software

Ver 2.2.5
Release Date: June 6, 2019

Technical Bulletin

Watts Current Issue 21

AEMC Tech Bulletin Issue 21 - Clamp-On Ground Resistance Testing

Issue 21 Topics:

  • Featured Products: Clamp-On Ground Testers Theory of Operation
  • Power Factor and Reactive Power
  • Touch Potential and Step Potential
  • New AEMC Products: AC Current Probes Models MR525/526



Watts Current Issue 11

AEMC Tech Bulletin Issue 11 - New Features in DataView 3.50

Issue 11 Topics:

  • Featured Product: New Features in DataView 3.50
  • Harmonics: A Brief Introduction
  • Customer Support Tip: Connecting a Simple Logger II to the Data Logger Control Pane
  • Rogowski Coil Primer
  • Megohmmeter Calibration Checker and Ground Resistance Checker
  • AEMC Interview: John Olobri, Director of Sales and Marketing
  • New AEMC Product: CAmReport Software for the Infrared Camera Model 1950